• Smashing The Scales
    Studio: 5th Element
    Starring: Mistress Monique, Carmen Hayes, Lori Lai, Lucki Chatsworth, Elizabeth Rollings
    Starring: Monique, Carmen Hayes, Lucy, Elizabeth Rollings, and Lori La...
Lori Lai
105 mins video
Lori's big soft floppy tits shake and bounce as she is pounded from all angles! For a big girl, she certainly can move her body and give back as hard as she gets!
Lucki Chatsworth
108 mins video
Lucy pinches her hard nipples as she rubs her pussy in anticipation of the hard wet screwing she's about to receive. Once her guy arrives, the game is on!
Elizabeth Rollings
98 mins video
Big Elizabeth is out to prove that big chicks pack more much passion in their bodies than all those skinny bitches! And she's proving her point in t his reckless hard banging scene!
Mistress Monique
104 mins video
The good Mistress starts off with some hot solo work as she steams up her naughty fishnets. Then it's on to some deep throating face fucking before she is turned inside out on a huge hard cock.
Carmen Hayes
98 mins video
Big boned Carmen has a serious addicition to hard dick and she is about to get her fix! Carmen keeps turning up the passion as she sucks and fucks harder and faster until her guy erupts!