• Oversized Women
    Studio: Acid Rain
    Starring: Tree Sweet, Bridget Waters, Patty Parker, Zazie Jeanette, Donna Doll, Fiona Cheeks
    Pound for pound. The Biggest and fattest women ever seen on DVD perfo...
Zazie Jeanette Gets Fucked Doggy Style!
25 mins video, 97 photos
Zazie has to pull out all the stops to get a confession from her suspect. Interrogating makes this fat slut really wet and using her massive mams and giant wet slit, she coaxes more than a confession from her captive.
Patty Parker Gets Pounded Hard!
20 mins video, 83 photos
Patty Parker is sporting blonde hair and a huge appetite for fucking. No hole is off limits as she spreads her thighs wide for a red set of anal beads to be crammed deep in her clenching asshole Her equally tubby fuck buddy sweats and grunts as he pumps her horny holes with every ounce of energy he can muster.
Bridget Waters
25 mins video, 107 photos
Prepare to get smothered by the excessive rolls of Tons 'o fun Bridget Waters. With her big gut and fat ass Bridget moves her chunky rolls ike a woman half her size.
Fiona Cheeks and Jenner
31 mins video, 94 photos
Fiona showed up for her workout with personal trainer Jenner. The tattooed brunette just how thorough the workout was going to be, especially the stretching part.
Donna Doll
Donna Doll has a problem. The Brazillian hottie has a broken hot tub that needs fixing, but her studly fix-it guy is more interested in filling her pink holes first.
Tree Sweet
20 mins video, 77 photos
Tree kicks this scene off in high gear, well as high gear as an obese cumslut can get. Going through multiple positions Tree has her hairy hole pounded deep until she has her face frosted in sperm.
Cheyne Collins
28 mins video, 85 photos
Cheyne Collins has a tasty snack for the busty blonde. Going balls deep he empties his balls deep inside the horny tart before digging some semen out to feed her from the tips of his fingers.