• Plump And Busty #02
    Studio: Viv Thomas
    Starring: Jo B, Faye, Marie-Louise, Sally, Alysa
    Starring: Alyssa Jenkins, Faith, Faye Rampton (as Faye), Josephine Jam...
Faye Gets Her Pussy Plowed Into!
34 mins video, 20 photos
Faye and Ian Tate are househunting, they have found a house that Faye likes but it's over budget so she needs to convince Ian that they should buy. What Faye has to offer is sex on the kitchen table, a great testimonial for IKEA as the table takes both of them banging away on top. Conventional sex in several positions before Ian grabs a knob of butter which melts over Faye's bum allowing him to slip his full length up her arse. Ian finally cums over Faye's boobs. Another top performance from Faye who, though not busty, is nicely rounded.
Marie-Louise Gets Titty Fucked!
26 mins video, 20 photos
Marie is in bed with Nathan, and the cute fattie wraps her massive boobs round Nathan's cock and squeezes. They both slip their pants off and Nathan licks Marie's pussy before slipping into her. Sex follows in missionary, doggy and reverse cowgirl, where the close-up action is slowed so that we can fully appreciate the shapes and movement of Marie's huge boobs. Nathan cums between Marie's breasts while talking dirty.
Sally and Tony
35 mins video
Barman Tony Uttley is talking with fat Sally, who is trying to find a swingers party. Tony suggests she look no further, as he helps her out of her long black evening dress - her only item of clothing apart from her shoes. Sally eases herself onto the bar so that her pussy is at Tony's mouth level as the measured build-up to full sex continues. The action starts with Sally standing, bent over a bar stool, continues on the tables, stools and floor before ending with a good facial.
Jo and Demetri
32 mins video
Demetri has something that Jo wants! The busty brunette is going to find what she needs even if she has to take it from Demetri. What she wants is his fat cock balls deep inside of her velvety smooth snatch!
Alyssa and Geoff
28 mins video, 20 photos
Alyssa is the boss who needs to downsize the company. She calls Geoff in, offering to save his job if he can give her something; which he can, popping his cock out for inspection. Alyssa moves from behind the desk slipping off her pencil skirt to reveal fashionable black suspender belt and stockings, but no knickers. Geoff attacks Alyssa's pussy, which on this occasion is covered in a fine auburn bush. Alyssa returns the favour before the pair have sex on the office furniture. Geoff finally cums over Alyssa's boobs and afterwards she tells him whether he's kept his job - but I won't spoil the ending. Alyssa is a fine-looking woman who is immaculately groomed here and, although the sex is not particularly hard, this is a very sexy scene.