• Dual Invasion #04
    Studio: Platinum X
    Starring: Harmony Rose, Mia Bang, Katrina Isis, Lauren Phoenix, Haley Scott
    Starring: Sascha, Lauren Phoenix, Harmony, Steven French, Mia Bangg, H...
Haley Scott
87 mins video
Haley is sexy blonde with long hair that curls. She's wearing a pink corset, black leather shorts, black elbow length arm sleeves, black fishnet stockings and heels. Haley deep throats both men. Sascha spanks her and fingers her pussy. Sascha fucks Haley's mouth while Michael fucks her pussy doggie style (Sascha clubs her face with his cock). Michael inserts his thumb in her asshole. The men switch places. Haley does some dirty talking and gives plenty of deep throat. Haley masturbates while Michael fucks her ass and she blows Sascha. She sucks Michael's cock "ass to mouth" while Sascha takes his turn at fucking her anally (Sascha also receives ATM). Haley is double penetrated in a couple of positions (she sucks cock PTM and ATM). Sascha pulls his cock out of Haley's ass for some gape shots. Haley talks dirty about wanting cum in her mouth. The men take turns jerking off and cumming into her open mouth and on her face and chest. Haley pushes some cum into her mouth before swallowing both loads of cum together.
Lauren Phoenix
92 mins video
Lauren is a very pretty and sexy tall brunette with long hair that curls. As her scene opens Lauren is wearing red shorts with a black mesh sports bra, black fishnet stockings and heels. Her shorts are down around her knees as John spanks her butt. Lauren squats down to blow John. He spits into her open mouth and fucks her mouth with his cock. Lauren does some dirty talking. John fingers her asshole and pussy at the same time (she tastes his fingers). John inserts a butt plug in her ass. Lauren says she wants another dick and calls herself "a dirty fucking whore". Lauren begins blowing and deep throating Steven as soon as he enters the scene (he fucks her mouth and she licks and sucks on his balls). Lauren still has the toy in her ass as she rides Steven in her pussy cowgirl and she blows John (Steven removes the toy). John fucks her pussy as she blows Steven (PTM). Steven drools saliva on her tongue and spits on her face. John moves his cock from her pussy into her ass. Lauren sucks cock "ass to mouth" and is double penetrated. Steven uses his fingers to spread open her pussy lips. Lauren sucks cock PTM and ATM after being dp'd. There's some anal gaping. Lauren is lifted into a standing double penetration position. The men take turns filing Lauren's mouth with their semen as they jerk themselves off. Lauren swallows both loads together.
Katrina Isis - Video
Katrina is a very pretty and sexy brunette who is wearing heels with a black mesh sports bra, elbow length blue gloves and thong panties that are blue in front and black in the back. John sucks on her tits as she rubs the crotch of his pants. John spanks her butt and finger fucks her asshole as he kisses her (she tastes his fingers). Katrina blows John and licks and sucks on his balls. John has hold of her hair as she crawls to another couch to blow Michael. He lowers her panties before fucking her pussy doggie style while she blows John. She then is fucked in her pussy by John in the spoon position while she blows Michael. The men talk to her during the scene. Katrina asks for a cock in her ass, which John supplies (spoon position). Katrina sucks on John's cock "ass to mouth" while Michael fucks her ass doggie style (she briefly sucks on John's balls). She performs ATM on Michael's cock before the men double penetrate her (she sucks on their cocks PTM and ATM). There are some anal gape shots when John fucks her ass in the missionary position. Katrina is lifted up into a standing dp position and she sucks on both cocks when she's let down. Michael, then John, jerks off and cums into her open mouth (a little of Michael's cum lands on her chin). Katrina swallows both loads of cum together.
Mia Bang
95 mins video
Mia is getting banged by two dudes at the same time!
Harmony Rose
Harmony is a sexy and attractive sandy blonde who is wearing a white fishnet dress with pink thong panties and heels. John spanks her butt before licking her pussy and asshole. John sucks on her tits before fucking her standing doggie style. Harmony blows John from her pussy (some deep throating). John fucks her ass standing doggie style. She sucks his cock deep ATM. John leads her to a couch in another room where she deep throats Michael. She rides Michael cowgirl in her pussy while blowing John. Michael receives some head before she lets John fuck her ass reverse cowgirl. Michael double penetrates Harmony when he slides his cock in her pussy. She sucks their cocks PTM and ATM. Both fuck her ass with some anal gape shots. Harmony rims John's asshole and she talks dirty while again getting dp'd. Harmony has her pussy double penetrated when Michael moves his cock "ass to pussy" (he also moves his cock back into her ass). Harmony is lifted into a standing double penetration position and she briefly sucks on both their cocks when they let her down. Both men jerk off and cum into Harmony's mouth and on her chin. Harmony is looking straight into the camera as she swallows both loads together and feeds herself the cum off her chin.